A little bit about myself

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Hey there,

I am a family photographer, a middle school/high school teacher, a mom of boys, a musician's wife, and a Christian. I moved to McKinney in 2010 from Toronto, Canada in order to marry my husband, Chris. We met at a songwriter's conference in Estes Park, Colorado many years ago. We were both drawn there by our love for Christian music, especially Michael W. Smith. Long story short, we fell in love and got married.

In 2011, we had our first son together, Jasper. When he was born, so was my love for photography. I just didn't want to miss a thing. I wanted to capture everything so that I could savor it and remember it all. Too quickly our kids grow up and we forget what their little voices sounded like as babies, or how cute they pronounced certain words, or what their giggle sounded like when they were little. I wanted to remember his sweet little hands and feet, his baby blue eyes, his dirty blonde hair, his timid smile.

In 2013, my second son, Nashton, was born. As my boys grew so did my desire to photograph people and to work on my craft. I have been inspired to become a people photographer because of my beautiful boys and because of the beauty and the joy they bring to my life. People mean everything to me, and my hope is that I am able to capture the love you have for your children and for your family.

Here I am today, as a family photographer who simply loves to visually document your family's life and moments, your children's birth, birthdays and graduations, your family reunions and weddings, Christmas and Mother's Day, Father's Day and every day in between. In addition to family photography, I do music and ministry photography due to my love for music and for the church. Whatever your photographic needs are, I would be honored to capture them for you.


Belle Sanderson